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Stay Woke by BuddhatheBob Stay Woke by BuddhatheBob
For those of you who don't know, in Ferguson Missouri a black teenager named Michael Brown was murdered by a white police officer.
Instead of turning in the officer responsible (later identified to be Darren Wilson) the police have been terrorizing peaceful protesters (including children) with military-grade riot gear, harassing media, and withholding information from both the news and from police reports.
It is an extremely sorry state of affairs that is not being documented accurately save for social media outlets, partially due to biased news stations and the fact that the police have been putting journalists and reporters that attempt to report on the situation at gunpoint.

Seeing as I can't protest, I want to help spread awareness and other opportunities to help. Each link goes to tumblr posts that I have reblogged that are safe to both believe and donate to,
Donate to Michael Brown's family
Reliable Sources of Information (one including the gentleman who threw a tear gas canister away from protesting children)
Donate to the children of Ferguson, help arrested protestors, etc.
Progression of events in Ferguson

These people are unbelievably brave and aren't being allowed to have their most basic rights. Please keep them in your thoughts and stay woke.

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This is wonderful. Amazing job!
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